To the editor:

On June 30 I retired from the board of directors at Mountain Valley Mental Health after serving this organization for many years. During that time, MVMH has always provided quality care to our clients.

Repeatedly, a small and dwindling group calling themselves Healthy Mental Health, and the County Mental Health Advisory Committee, have published nasty or incorrect statements about the organization, our current and previous directors, the board of directors, and our staff. In spite of this constant harassment over the last two years, the organization has flourished, as noted by the State Mental Health Division and GOBHI.

I would personally like to thank the board of directors, the executive director, and entire staff for their dedication and extremely hard work which has made MVMH a remarkable success story. I would also like to thank Kevin Campbell at GOBHI, and both Bob Nikkel and Kieth Breswick at the State Mental Health Division for their untiring support.

Laurence W. Levinger

Baker City