To the editor:

The political scene in Baker City is very interesting to say the least.

You have a sidewalk upkeep advocate who casts the only no vote as to whether the city may purchase a new dump truck.

Then you have a person who sits down on the city manager's floor and later complains that she was not properly respected. We later learn that this person is a member of the Baker County Mental Health Citizens Advisory Committee.

The City Council is now going to review the invocation policy. This review should only consist of a council vote, and the result should be respected by all sides. No one is entitled to distract the council from conducting its business. If anyone feels that a council member has voted incorrectly, they are free to find a candidate to oppose that person should he or she seek to be re-elected.

Two council members actually voted to deny the police department the right to look into the possibility of purchasing a new building to relieve overcrowded conditions, the most needlessly overbearing public position that I have ever heard of.

Bruce Tucker

Baker City