Get ready to grab your hip waders and pull on your sturdiest gardening gloves.

We have some work to do to give thanks to an enterprising young magazine seller, the man he became and the legacy he left for all of us.

Saturday is the first Down by the Riverside event in Baker City, with a focus on hauling garbage out of the Powder River and planting flowers and erecting birdhouses along the Leo Adler Memorial Parkway.

The timing couldnt be better: Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. work party is almost exactly one month ahead of June 21, Leo Adlers birthday and Leo Adler Day here in Baker City.

Consider this weekend your chance to help shape the parkway that, in the span of less than a year, we have all come to know and love.

And if you havent visited the parkway, theres no better time than the present!

That members of the community are being asked to step up and shoulder some of the responsibility for developing and maintaining the parkway fits nicely with Leo Adlers legacy.

Adler built a magazine distribution empire based here in Baker City and left his entire estate to the community in the form of a self-perpetuating trust.

It was his expressed wish that money from his estate go towards helping groups that help themselves.

No handouts, in other words, but a little assistance with the finances for groups that are hitting on all pistons in the people department but short on cash.

That describes to a T the folks who brought about the Powder River Enhancement Project and the Leo Adler Memorial Parkway, two community efforts that have transformed the Powder River into a real community asset.

Saturday is your chance to add your own energy to the value of this community treasure.

Sign up for one of three work crews trash hauling, flower planting or birdhouse making by contacting the Baker County Chamber of Commerce at 523-5855.

And well see you down by the riverside!