To the editor:

Many politicians proudly proclaim themselves andquot;pro-choice.andquot; But when you investigate, you find that in most matters, they make our choices for us. These politicians do their best to leave poor inner city parents with no choice but to send their children to failing public schools. Young people have no choice but to include an increasingly insolvent Social Security in their retirement plans.

andquot;Pro-choiceandquot; politicians make our choices for us even in petty matters. Congressional legislation determines how much water our toilets can use each time they're flushed, and after 2014, what type of light bulbs we can use in our homes.

They want to choose for us what kind of a rig to drive. A current project for andquot;pro-choiceandquot; politicians is to pry people out of their SUVs and stuff them into little cars, the kind that get great gas mileage but that get squashed flat in a collision with a truck.

There are pros and cons on both sides of the issues mentioned here, but in all of them, we are given no choice by the so-called andquot;pro-choiceandquot; politicians. andquot;We know best,andquot; they tell us. andquot;Do as we say.andquot;

Oh, by the way, Senator Barack Obama is a typical andquot;pro-choiceandquot; politician.

Pete Sundin

Baker City