To the editor:

Baker City is a wonderful place where people step up and take part in bettering our community. I'd like the opportunity to thank everyone for supporting this Adopt-A-Parkway program.

Ted and Jodie Hausotter of Natural Structures have been key in our vision, and our success would not be present without their support. Jeff Petry and his construction crew did a wonderful job preparing the site for the new shelter that will be installed and completed on the parkway in a couple of weeks. Their efficiency and dedication are greatly appreciated. Britt Sand and Gravel provided the gravel and concrete.

A big thank you goes to Jennifer Watkins and the city for working with the Lions Club to ensure a smooth transition of our ideas.

Thank you to the Baker City Lions for continuing to support our section of the parkway. It is exciting to see our vision become reality.

Finally, I would like to thank the community for their interest in the beautiful Leo Adler Parkway.

Blake Marlia

Baker City Lions Club

Parkway Chairman