To the editor:

The board of directors of Baker Little League would like to take this opportunity to personally invite everyone who has a child involved in Little League to exercise their voting power of who will make the decisions on how Little League will be run during the 2009 season by attending the election of the board of directors on Aug. 11 at 7 p.m. at the Sunridge Inn.

At that time all nominations for the positions of president, vice presidents of each division, secretary, treasurer, safety officer, player agents for each division, umpire in chief, members and large and 23 other positions will be made and chosen.

During the season, there are always opinions formed of what could be done differently to make a better league for our kids. Now is your chance to make that happen. We invite and welcome all nominations, ideas and opinions at the Aug. 11 meeting.

Again, this is your ONE opportunity to not only have an opinion but to create an action to make your thoughts into reality and possibly turn Baker Little League into the extraordinary organization that all of our kids deserve. It takes an enormous amount of work by a few people to make a successful season. Please come and volunteer your time and turn it into a little amount of time required of an enormous amount of people to make 2009 a season like no other.

We would also like to again thank all of the players, coaches, sponsors, volunteers and fans for another successful Little League season.

Lisa Wilson


Baker Little League