To the editor:

We have no oil crisis in the U.S. Information has surfaced from a solid source, Chaplain Lindsey Williams. He was in the Alaska oil fields when the pipeline was built and was privy to information from attending the Alyeska board meetings of the oil companies participating in the construction of the pipeline. He wrote the book the Non-Oil Crisis. It discloses the true nature of our oil supply and why the oil companies' hands are tied. It's not the oil companies that are the bad guys; it's the World Bank!

We have more oil in 100 square miles in Prudhoe than Saudi Arabia and that's just from three oil pools found there! Now the Alaska oil fields are thousands of square miles. So imagine from exit 307 to the rest area north and from the base of the Elkhorn Mountains to a mile or two east of the freeway. That's how small an area we're talking about.

Our government, that is bought and paid for by the World Bank, has only allowed production from the Prudhoe pool to be produced and stopped the construction of a natural gas pipeline that was to be built next to the oil pipeline. Before the pipeline was finished, discoveries at Gull Island and Kuparuk within this 100 square miles were capped and shut down immediately and our government forced the oil companies to not disclose they had even been discovered. With these finds the oil companies projected we have a minimum 200-year supply of oil and natural gas just in this very small area.

We don't need more oil. We have enough. Our government created that scenario they want the public to believe. They introduced propaganda years ago that Alaskan oil has too much sulfur to refine in the U.S. so it goes to Japan and China. In reality it's some of the lowest sulfur content of any oil found in the world! We need to force the government to let us have the Alaskan oil and natural gas that we've already got.

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Craig Combs

Baker City