To the editor:

Dots are dots, lines are lines. When are we going to draw a line on the dot issue? I had to laugh at the headline andquot;DOTSandquot; don't we have anything better to do?

We have a beautiful setting for our beautiful town and our beautiful Main Street. Who has made that happen? Our people, of course, like Bev and me and you. I saw the andquot;dots,andquot; not at Miners Jubilee but before. Was it the bike race? What makes Bev happier than the bike race? She celebrated with tempera paint and why shouldn't she?

Does Bev do good things for our community? Yes. We smiled when we saw them, did you? If not, maybe you need to.

Just like the young man asking for hugs on that same sidewalk a while back, it makes you smile at something so simple as a andquot;dotandquot; or a hug. Bev has a great business and she is a great asset to our downtown. Oh yeah, is that her sidewalk?

After reading the piece of ordinance in the article, I have to ask myself what she did wrong. Did she stop traffic? Did she stop people from parking there? Did she make people stop and smile? Heaven forbid. Oh wait, I probably can't say that either.

I can't believe that there was a mention of chairs and tables on her sidewalk; she's not the only one, you know. Can you walk by her place without obstruction? Yes. Can you sit and enjoy Main Street from her chairs? Yes. You can do the same at a number of other places along Main and it's wonderful, the more the merrier!

Have any of you seen sidewalk art in big cities, really good sidewalk art? Maybe you've seen an e-mail of some extreme sidewalk art? It isn't graffiti, it isn't bad, it's art. It doesn't matter if you have or if you haven't, I suppose, although you should. Let's think about what we're arguing about and look to the real issues ... I'll stop there.

Christina Witham

Baker City