To the editor:

Our country is sliding down an increasingly slippery slope toward total economic breakdown. The really frightening thing is that the powers that be don't seem to have any idea about what caused it or what to do about it. The major cause is shortsighted, unwise actions by our own government. In our zeal to protect the environment we have been so carried away that we have regulated ourselves out of business.

Most people have forgotten or don't know the most basic fact of life. No life can exist on this planet unless we use the Earth! Unless we harvest the produce and resources from the Earth our country and most of its people will not survive. We have restricted the access and use of our land to the point that much of our basic industry has been seriously damaged. Basic industries are the foundation of any economy. Most of you have become aware of the part oil plays in our lives. Mining is even more important. No other business or industry can operate without using minerals directly or indirectly. Nothing can be made without using minerals. Timber and food production are sort of important, too one day you may find you can't afford breakfast any more.

Another basic fact that Americans seem to have forgotten is that all new wealth comes from the Earth. It is created when we harvest food, fiber and minerals from the land.

We are spreading an average of 80 billion dollars a month to buy the things we won't let ourselves produce. More and more countries will not accept our dollars that are worth less and less every day. Judgment day is coming and there will be no economic recovery unless the laws and regulations that prevent and restrict Americans from productive work are changed or repealed.

Make sure every legislator and as many bureaucrats as possible understand this, or the changes that your children will live out their natural lives with even a fraction of the benefits of civilization that you have enjoyed are very slim.

Kenneth E. Anderson

Baker City