To the editor:

The Baker City mayor and city manager have inspired me to help the city take care of huge problems that impact everyone. Their concern for the welfare of Baker City and their ability to andquot;Spot the Dotsandquot; has given me a wonderfully simple idea that might benefit Baker City's health and safety!

andquot;Dotsandquot; could be used to help the Public Works Department, Police Department, Fire Department, Code Enforcement Officer and others find problems that concern the citizens of our city.

Painted andquot;Dotsandquot; could be a problem, since they need to be removed when the problem is corrected, so heavy metal discs that wouldn't be blown around by the wind seem to be the best alternative. The Public Works Department could have a bunch of these andquot;Dotsandquot; on hand for people to pick up when needed and then they would be returned by the mayor and city manager or a work crew when the problem is fixed.

The andquot;Dotsandquot; could be color-coded to point out the type of problem that exists. (The Call Before You Dig color coding is included as CBYD.)

Red: dangerous or flammable, stay back. CBYD electrical.

Yellow: use caution. CBYD Natural Gas or Oil.

Blue: concerning running water and water pipes.

Orange: CBYD phone or cable.

Green: environmental, trees, weeds or grass. CBYD Sewer.

Black: plumbing, i.e. black plastic pipe.

Black with a red arrow: overhead problem/power lines

Black with a red outline and slash: do not enter.

White with a black outline and spokes: bicycle problems.

Brown: dog or dog poop.

The andquot;Dotsandquot; could also be sized into large, medium and small andquot;Dotsandquot; to prioritize the problem;

Large: emergency.

Medium: within a few days.

Small: no rush, but please get to it eventually!

Other cities, counties and states might want to use the andquot;Dotandquot; system.

Maybe I should take out a andquot;Dotandquot; patent!

Jim Thomas

Baker City