Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Girl left many friends behind

To the editor:

On behalf of Manny, Valerie, Bob, Freda, Collin, Lisa, Katirah and Lexy: We would like to send our most sincere condolences to the family of Kayla Petty of Baker City, a wonderful friend of our granddaughter, Katirah Huff.

You leave so many friends and family behind, all whom have known you and those who would have been honored to meet you. And to the families of the other three teens who we are thankful to God that He waited a little longer for you to grow in his loving care, to remember Kayla as she was in this world. Rest in peace and enjoy your journey to heaven.

Manny Gutierrez Sr.

Baker City

Photo in paper was thoughtless

To the editor:

The photo of the car accident that appeared on the front page for your paper Monday I believe was uncalled for and thoughtless. There was no need for family and friends to see this. Couldn't you have had a picture of the young girl or the brave folks that were there to help?

Baker City prides itself on caring about each other and how we help in times of sorrow. As our local paper you need to be more thoughtful of others feeling.

Kathye Corn

Baker City

People drove right past wreck

To the editor:

I have an awful story to share with you concerning the fatal crash in Boulder Gorge below Mason Dam last Monday. My husband and I were driving to Baker about two miles up from the dam, when a pickup with a couple of older men, another pickup with older men, and a car waved at us telling us there was something ahead. About a half-mile more, a woman in a white sedan, she didn't wave, and the one I'll never forget, a grey full size pickup with wheels and tires in the bed going down to the boat ramp.

So we proceed on, not seeing anything, passing the red cabin on the left, until, all heck breaks loose, debris all over the road, the police just arriving and traffic stopped both ways, flares just started burning. When I say debris in the road I mean pots, blankets, clothes, food: Things you would have had to slowly drive over. And sadly, they passed the victims of the accident. Bless the man from the McEwen Store for treating Kayla like his own, and covering her up. He was sitting there at the front of the line headed towards Sumpter, waiting for the police to arrive.

Why am I telling you this story? Those five drove straight past them - Kayla, the three injured kids, the wreck, all of it! Yeah, right past. How did they know she wasn't just knocked out? Karma, here it comes.

And yes, the family already knew before I wrote this letter.

Sadie Maes