Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Vote based on performance, not promises

To the editor:

Get ready folks, it's election time again. That means at least two things will happen over the next few months.

The first is that all the politicians on the west side will get out a map and discover that Harney, Grant, Baker and Malheur counties are really in Oregon, not Idaho. Then everyone running for state offices, from dog catcher to governor, will hold town hall meetings in every town east of Bend. They will talk about how interested and concerned they are about things in Eastern Oregon. They will then go back across the state to vote for projects that may work great in Portland but don't work in Eastern Oregon. We won't hear any more from them until the next election. Oh yes, they will remember us at tax time.

The second thing is that all of the people running for office on both sides will swear they will lower taxes, reduce government and eliminate government waste. They will then go back to Salem and vote for their own pet projects, raise taxes and ignore government waste, knowing that very few voters will follow to see if they kept their promises.

I have been voting in Oregon for almost 50 years and after hearing these same promises every election year, I am still waiting to see lower taxes, smaller government and less waste. This brings up two questions: Over these 50 years have these politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, all been so incompetent they couldn't get the things done that they had promised? Or were they just lying through their teeth to get elected?

One area I find interesting is that on this side of the state, they all swear they support the 2nd Amendment, but if you check their record you will find many of them have voted anti-gun 100 percent of the time.

I suggest all voters from both parties check up to see how the candidates have voted in the past and cast your vote for performance, not promises.

James L. Barnes


Locals help brighten visitors' tough times

To the editor:

Recently my wife and I visited Baker City, and I would like to commend your community on the wonderful assistance that we experienced during our stay.

Unfortunately we experienced the need for immediate medical treatment, and the motel's front desk personnel provided us that information and directions. Amazingly we received that necessary treatment at the Baker Clinic on a Saturday no less.

The following morning I was notified by the front desk that my vehicle had been run into while parked in the motel parking lot. Together with the assistance of one of the housekeeping staff, and the front desk employee, the responsible party who left the scene, assuming no one had seen the collision, was later identified by the Baker City Police Department. This minor accident was thoroughly investigated by a young police officer who worked a big part of his Sunday at properly identifying, and later informing me that he had contacted the person responsible for my damages.

My wife, Judi, joins me in thanking each of these individuals for their kindness, assistance and cooperation during these incidents. Your community will always be remembered as a memorable stay despite a couple of challenges, but most importantly the wedding of our great friends we participated in during our stay. Thank you, Baker City, for your hospitality.

Merlin Larsen

Spearfish, S.D.