Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Let's work together, not apart

To the editor:

It was interesting to see so many fine people gathered to try and "fix"

what's wrong with this country. But I have a question for those of you

that are attending or may attend one of these Tea Party rallies: Where

were you about eight years ago when the Bush administration decided to

attack Iraq for nothing but lies (where my son died for those lies)?

Why did you not get involved then? Where was your outrage then? Why

didn't you speak out then? We, as a country, have spent over $717

billion fighting a war that could have been stopped before it began if

those same fine people would have spoken out then. Nearly 5,000

Americans have died as a result of invading a country that had done

nothing to us. If these same fine people would get outraged about the

wars we're fighting maybe we could bring our troops home (and support

them when they get here) and use all that money we've been spending in

Iraq for our own country and our own citizens.

Being concerned about government spending is great, we should all be aware of where our money goes and how it's used. Do these same fine people know that 59 percent of the federal budget goes to support the defense department? Where's the outrage? What could we do with all the money we spend just in Iraq? Our national debt is now over 12 trillion dollars due, mostly, to the foreign wars our soldiers are fighting.

Being a Tea Party attendee does not mean following an "ideal" blindly but it is cause for thinking and then action. I applaud those who attend these gatherings as a first step into action, but be aware of blindly following anything without finding out all the facts first. Just because someone says something is "true" or "right" doesn't necessarily make it so. Get the truth, then act. Our country is too great to be divided like this. Let's work together. I suspect we all have more in common than we disagree about. We're all in this together whether we like it or not.

Steve DeFord


Community concerts a bargain

To the editor:

I attended the Community Concerts fifth concert last evening. It was a rousing, toe-tapping, good show from the first song. The Hunt Family Fiddlers is what they called themselves. They did a lot more than fiddle, though. This very talented family contains two world class champion Irish step dancers and they wowed the crowd.

It was very well attended, which was nice for everyone. The president of the concert association announced their membership drive was the last week of this month. That made me consider what inexpensive entertainment $50 buys. The concerts number six this year and a membership costs $50 so each show costs $8.33. That's the cost of an evening movie with popcorn. Hollywood has not made too many world class movies lately so some live entertainment is a better option. I'm sending in my check for next year's program, that's for sure.

Iva Mace

Baker City

Where to cut, Tea Partiers?

To the editor:

There is a lot of media attention to the mostly white, male, conservative, and as reported in the Herald article, generally older demographic make-upof the Tea Party movement, which has taken the discussion to allegations of underlying racism, paranoia and selfishness of the movement; I wouldrather see more exploration of their supposed claims of wanting smaller government and lower taxes. Hardly any of them, from personal conversations, or interviews I have seen televised, are willing to concede that their personal income taxes are lower under the Obama Administration this year, as a result of the administration shepherding through Congress changes to the tax codethat favored middle income earners.Morebizarre is thecognitive disconnect of the Tea Party street theater against Obamadecrying the size of government and the national debt, all the whilerefusing to recognize how eight years of Bush profligacy with undeclared and unfunded wars, and major tax cuts for the super-rich fueled thiseconomic inferno, and of course, they have not one viable solution to offer.

Defense spending, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and interest on the national debt comprise over 80 percent of federal spending. The fifty-somethings in this right wing movement surely don't advocate cutting the defense budget and most are either looking forward to drawing Social Security benefits, or are already doing so. Without the Medicare, disabilityand Social Security entitlements many of these Freedom Works patriots in the fight to drown the baby of Socialism in the bathtub, would be reduced to abject poverty as soon as inevitable health issues take their toll. So where exactly do they propose to make cuts? Transportation, letting our highway, bridges and roadsfall into further decline? The space program? Unemployment benefits? Education, we are already producing too many illiterate grads unable to think critically? Their favorite whipping boy, welfare, has already been reformed. Homeland Security? Farm subsidies? FDA, the war on drugs? Block grants to states? So where do we cut meaningfully, and deeply?

John Harmer

Baker City

We must strive to save freedom

To the editor:

First, thanks to everyone who attended Baker's Tea Party. It proved that people of all parties who believe in freedom and their country can and will come together. It's sad there's still some diehards who won't believe anything until it's too late.

I've talked to many people who for the first time are aware of what is happening in and to this great country of ours, and they are mad as hell! I've written before on the citizen-to-subject idea, and today Obama and his left-wing Democrat administration are seizing more and more power over companies and people's choice, all under the cover of government knows best. We best wake up.

Health care we need, but not this one being shoved down our throat. You buy or the feds coming knocking on your door, have your tax return held up, audit your tax returns, maybe confiscate your property. So much for freedom to choose.

Obama wants thanks for tax cuts and the same time he's promoting a fair tax code that hits us all in survival, food, clothing, jobs, transportation and all utilities. So much for the middle class. In this bill, if the government wants more, just raise the tax.

Gas may go up another 15 cents, some say we shouldn't mind. Let's limit all politicians to a half tank in their jets.

I'll remind you of the Russian leader who said: "The United States would fail from the inside because of corrupt government and stupid people who don't care or are afraid to fight for their Constitutional rights."

Two books to read: Glenn Beck's "Common Sense" and "Arguing With Idiots." Make no mistake, we are in the biggest fight for the freedom of this country of our time. Is violence the way? NO! The government and anti-Tea Party would love to have that happen. It would be used to discredit all gains. Vote freedom at election time.

Richard Fox

Baker City