Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Support Howard for OTEC board

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Greg Howard for the OTEC board of directors. Greg is the incumbent for position No. 7. He has the financial skills and common sense necessary to help OTEC through the years ahead.

Greg was raised in Summerville, went to Imbler schools and graduated from EOU with a business degree. His parents owned a small business, where he worked, and he also worked summers for local farmers. His strong work ethic was developed early. Greg has more than 20 years of experience with Boise Cascade. He previously served as Boise's regional controller, and is presently the operations manager for the Elgin complex.

Greg brings financial and operations experience to the OTEC board. He has always worked hard at every job, and he will be an active and valuable board member. Greg is very approachable, and values the opinions and ideas of others. Please join me in voting for Greg Howard for position No. 7.

Dale Basso

La Grande

Silence that speaks volume

To the editor:

Last week, on April 16, the Day of Silence was observed here in Baker by the local Gay-Straight Alliance chapter and its supporters. I'm writing to express my support of the young people who had the courage to stand on their rights and peacefully point out that not everyone is treated equally. Whether or not one subscribes to that particular lifestyle is not important - what matters is that these young folk support the freedom of all to live without fear of retribution for being "different."

This is a much-touted freedom in the United States but unfortunately it's honored more in theory than reality. By choosing to stand up and be counted, these teens showed their commitment to freedom for all. I respect them and the people who supported them, and encourage them to continue to show us all that the ideals Americans hold dear have not been forgotten.

Sunny Werner

Baker City