Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Always spell out acronyms

To the editor:

This is a simple reminder that all quality news stories, when using an acronym, should write out the full name in the sentence in which the acronym is first used.

This not only clarifies and identifies specific information for regular readers, but significantly helps readers who are: new to the city or region; youthful readers who are maturing and beginning to pay more attention to the world around them; aging readers with minor memory lapses who still want to read the news; or readers who are striving to learn English both written and spoken, and are developing a sense of its sound in relation to its visual. Acronyms are often sound bites.

Spelling out acronyms is simply an excellent practice that should never be omitted from top-notch reporting.

Linda Bergeron


School wrong place for event

To the editor:

I respectfully exercise my right to disagree with the view that the April 16 "day of silence" in support of homosexuality at Baker High School was to be applauded.

First, the "day of silence" was a nationally-promoted event amounting to nothing more than a political statement. The "gay" agenda is aimed at silencing all logical objections to the idea that homosexuality is "normal." It is ludicrous that our local high school would be used to promote a political agenda. I kept my daughter home from school that day in protest of this improper use of school grounds, as well as the coercive nature of the imposed silence. Second, the "day of silence" seems to have increased animosity towards homosexuals among local students. A Facebook group sprouted in opposition to the day of silence, not, I think, because the students are "against" homosexuals per se, but because they resented this imposition of a particular viewpoint.

Why should a student remain silent if s/he is morally opposed to the homosexual lifestyle? What has happened to the right to speak out against immorality? (And, incidentally, saying that "homosexual behavior is wrong" does not automatically make the speaker "judgmental." We are frequently required to "judge" the moral correctness of our own and others' behaviors.) Third, homosexuality is neither normal nor healthy. There is ample empirical evidence to support this statement. I am appalled that young people today are actually encouraged in expressing homosexuality, rather than helped to understand the disordered nature of homosexual behavior.

There is no "gay" gene, and while physiological factors may contribute to same-sex attraction, this is by no means common, nor is it an insurmountable barrier to normal sexual identification and function. Finally, if we are going to allow our schools to observe a "day of silence," let us consider being silent for those who truly have no voice of their own: the thousands of unborn babies who are murdered every day in this country.

Jay Boyd

Baker City