Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Drivers not following the laws

To the editor:

I am sure that most people understand and appreciate how difficult a job our police have. With that said I have serious concerns about what seems like a serious lacking in enforcement of our laws and ordinances in our city and neighborhoods.

Senate Bill 2377 in effect as of January 2010 states that cell use (other than hands-free systems) are now illegal, which is very interesting considering that a person doesn't need to be looking or even paying attention to see this illegal activity. I have personally seen six people with their cell phones glued to the side of their heads while driving as well as having to avoid accidents caused by their inattention to their driving. The problems with law enforcement continue with at least 80 percent of the drivers in our town completely ignoring school speed limits, again from personal experience that only 1 in 10 vehicles are going the same 20 mph in school zones along with myself.

In the last year at least I have not seen a single person stopped for this violation. The general speed limits in our town also seem to be ignored by most, drivers and police, on main roads and in our residential neighborhoods.

Yes, their jobs are far from easy, but these and other law enforcement issues are very worrisome as I am talking about all of our safety and ultimately our lives.

John Graham

Baker City