Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Councilor's actions not acceptable

To the editor:

Baker City Councilor Milo Pope has taken disagreement and hostility in city government to an all-time low. The disrespect he has shown with his recent conduct should embarrass him, but it seems his arrogant attitude has fogged his judgment. He no longer has the best interests of our city in mind. His anger and hatred toward the rest of the Council goes far beyond what would ever be considered normal and rational thought. There are times when you have to fight for your beliefs and other times when you should shut up, grow up, realize your side lost and try to enact positive change to make things better.

Councilors Bass and Bryan have sided with Mr. Pope on certain issues, but I hope they re-evaluate Mr. Pope's recent outrageous actions. They don't need their reputations tarnished by the extremely hateful actions of Councilor Pope.

Meeting with the former city manager to discuss city business, even in general terms, might not be illegal, but is highly inappropriate. There was a city-approved meeting with the actual author of the budget to learn about the process and gain information. That meeting was the correct time to ask any questions, request additional information and schedule follow-up meetings to explain things that were not understood. Any information from the former city manager was unnecessary and redundant. Not inviting some of the Council members to the secondary meeting, just because he doesn't like them, is childish, to say the least.

Please keep the juvenile actions of Mr. Pope in mind when you elect City Council members to the four seats coming open this fall. Unfortunately we are stuck with Mr. Pope until the end of 2012, but we need reasonable, responsible and rational people on the Council to counteract his self-absorbed nonsense.

Are these silly games and childish behavior what we want in City government? I don't think so! We deserve much better!

Jim Thomas

Baker City

How about another triathlon?

To the editor:

The YMCA mini triathlon May 8 was a wonderful community competition involving all ages and athletic abilities. My hat's off to YMCA Fitness/Aquatics Director Laurie Wittich, YMCA staff, and volunteers who successfully pulled off a very complicated event. It was the first triathlon in Baker City in over ten years.

Here are some of the highlights. Surprisingly young finishers earning triathlete status were Emma Hardesty, age 7, sister Dallas Hardesty, age 8, and Jack Cahill, age 8; and at the other end of the age range was finisher 77-year-old Chick Fillebrown.

Overall winner with a total time of 30:39 was David Henry, 25. It was again a bit of a surprise to see second and third places overall going to a couple of very young men, Dominic Clay, 14, and Travis Smith, 15.

Travis Smith also distinguished himself with the fastest swim time finishing 400 yards in 4:30, narrowly beating Andrew Bryan, 45, by one second.

The fastest biker was David Henry, who finished 6 miles in 15:30. Fastest runner was 53-year-old Dan Lee, who covered the one-mile course in 6:37.

The overall fastest-woman title went to Elishah Thomas, 33, who crossed the finish line in 37:57. She was also fastest woman in the bike leg, 20:35. Fastest woman swimmer was Annie Martin, 18, 4:59. And fastest woman runner was Stacy Bingham, 33, 6:53.

The YMCA's mini triathlon was a huge success with many participants eager for the next one. What do you say, Laurie? A second, perhaps longer triathlon this summer?

Gary Dielman

Baker City