Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Praying for peace and serenity

To the editor:

You know, I just wish and pray for peace and serenity for Mr. Brocato and his family and his supporters.

Each year, I'm given cause to pause, as Main Street's fruit trees emerge from a drab and dusty winter, bloom, and leaf out to shade us from the coming summer sun. To me, it's a remarkable symbol of recovery and new beginnings. It's this sort of transformation I'm wishing for Mr. Brocato and, in fact, for us all.

Marshall McComb

Baker City

Obama has visions of grandeur

To the editor:

Looks like our government can't decide, especially the Obama administration, whose side they are on, the Mexican president or the American people, on the border situation. Think, it shouldn't be that hard a decision. Maybe Obama thinks by 2012 he can find a way to make it legal for illegals to vote for him?

That lady in Arizona should be given a medal for standing up for her state since the federal government won't enforce laws already on the books. If you really love this country and its freedom it's time to make it known to big government and those anti-American forces no matter who or what is offended.

Maybe you still don't think this is happening. Show you how it works. Ignore the writing of the Constitution, which is the real foundation of this country and our freedom. Silence the Christian values and prayer wherever you can. Distort the founding fathers' lives and their values. Promote the lie that God was not the main direction for this country. Use the books and teaching in our schools to distort our history and values.

Parents, you had better know what you're kids are being taught today. Seems we have a president and government with that is called "vision of grandeur," always knows what is best for the people, cannot make mistakes and superior in their judgment. It's time for pastors to teach the body of Christ, to speak and reach out with the truth, not to be afraid of dispersing lies or insulting falsehoods.

Pastors: I talked to the editor of this page some time back and was told he would considering reintroducing the "Devotion" page if he was showed an interest. To date I'm told none of you have. Why not? Seems we have home-grown idiots like the mayor of New York, who's sorry the SUV bomber was a Tea Party member.

One last question: Why is gas anywhere from 20 cents to 26 cents higher in Baker than in La Grande?

Richard Fox

Baker City

Dudley's hope: Focus on illegals

To the editor:

I just got done reading "Hoping for, but not really expecting, a close race for governor," Jayson Jacoby's political analysis on the chances of a Republican victory over John Kitzhaber.

I tend to agree that on the present court Dudley stands little chance of beating Kitzhaber. If the Republicans think they can take a little advice from the sticks I would suggest that Mr. Dudley start hammering on the illegal alien question. Kitzhaber has come out touting the left wing agenda right down the line. If Dudley would just start agreeing with the 70 percent or so of Americans who are fed up with the invasion, he would make a lot of headway and could beat Kitzhaber.

Even in the Willamette Valley population areas Kitzhaber is on the wrong side. Oregon needs to do its part in the illegal alien invasion, and Mr. Dudley could lead the charge and probably change the politics of Oregon.

Steve Culley