Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Laziness reigns in parking lots

To the editor:

People using disabled parking permits that are not disabled should be ashamed of themselves. What has happened, is it the height of laziness or just plain lack of respect?

My job takes me to La Grande and around Baker County six days a week, and most every day I see someone jump out of a car that is parked in a disabled parking spot. They have the permit, which probably belongs to granny or grandpa, and walk briskly into the store. The person who really needs that parking spot ends up clear across the lot and struggles to get to their destination.

Think before you take that spot. It probably wouldn't hurt to take a few extra steps and maybe when you do get older you won't even need the disabled parking permit. I think you could get granny's permit taken away if you should get caught.

Julie Miller

Baker City

One man does so much for softball

To the editor:

Our community is filled with many people who give of their time and talents without any recognition. I'd like to publicly thank John Robinson for the outstanding job he has done for the Baker Little League Girls Softball. John has spent thousands of hours of his own time, without pay, to transform the 17th Street softball field into the great place it is today. He also coaches a team and serves on the Little League Board, all while receiving little recognition for his efforts. Kudos to you, John for all you do!

Farrah Chastain

Baker City