Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

We'll miss you, Betty Braswell

To the editor:

It was nearly 30 years ago when I was riding my horse and heard the gut wrenching, metal-on-metal sound that forever changed the lives of the Braswell family.

To say the least, Betty Braswell was an amazing person. She chose to change what was perhaps the most traumatic, horrible situation a person could face, into a wonderful life. She faced each day with humor and grace.

Betty taught about a bazillion kids to love books because she knew that if they could read, they could learn anything. She loved chocolate Cokes from the In and Out, was known to occasionally cheat at Scrabble, and gave me the secret to boiling eggs with perfect, dandelion yellow centers (instead of icky green).

She loved sheep and was famous for her mustard which she sold at Farmers Market. Her house was the favorite Halloween stop for my kids and she told them that the little birds on the power lines were Santa's spies and reported any naughtiness to the big man himself.

I cried on the day that I got the call about her death. But, the tears were for me. Because I know that she is in Heaven reading to every little kid she can find. . . and she's wearing those famous pointy-toed boots she always talked about...

We'll miss you, Betty Braswell, and love you lots.

Gina, Lynn, Arden, Hayden and Evan Perkins


Hey, cyclists: Laws apply to you, too

To the editor:

On Tuesday, June 1, I was driving south on First Street about 1 p.m. A car was in front of me and as we came upon the corner of the Catholic church buildings an adult male bike rider ran the stop sign in front of the car ahead of me.

I want him to know his behavior is what gives bike riders a bad reputation and sometimes causes bad drivers to try to scare bicyclists. So with a second straight weekend ahead of us with bikes of one sort or another, this message is for all those bike riders who think the traffic signs do not apply to them: knock it off.

Iva M. Mace

Baker City

Don't like things? You have options

To the editor:

In response to Tom Novak's letter of June 8: If you don't like the way things are run around here, you remember the road you came in on? Well it's still open, and you can leave the same way.

Bill Todd

Baker City