Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Facebook page focuses on crime

To the editor:

CRIME PAYS in Baker City, Oregon is a new Facebook group. This page is being started as a way to share our experiences with local crime and the lack of or inability of the police to take action. In all fairness to our local police department, in many cases they are unable to do anything. That is where we need to step in and start taking action. We are responsible for what we know, it's time to start shedding light on the perpetrators.

Many of these people are getting away with their crimes in part because the people (parole/probation) who are supposed to be monitoring them are tired of having to deal with them or there is not "enough funding" to keep them locked up. So the perps get a little pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek and sent back out to continue the cycle.

Enough is enough. If you have a reason to be disturbed by this perpetual behavior, then this is a place to share your thoughts on how we can work together to expose and find a solution to crime in our town.

Tammy Wisdom

Baker City

Where's the money coming from?

To the editor:

Several recent articles in the Herald have caught my attention. First, two articles involving the city and county budgets indicate a significant increase next year for medical premiums. How can this be when Obamacare is now the law of the land and we have been promised that health care costs will now decrease?

Second, an article stating grants are now available for small business. Where is this money coming from? Every level of government from local to the federal are broke. In fact it is projected that the federal debt (that means all of us) will be near 20 trillion dollars in 2015, yet there is still money to give away. The state is talking hundreds of millions of dollars in budget shortfall and yet some state employees still do not pay any part of the cost of medical premiums.

And thirdly, the county is apparently looking into taking over operations of the Anthony Lakes ski area. How can the county even consider such a proposal when it can't even take care of its required commitments? I for one, am fed up with our elected officials and the bureaucrats spending us into bankruptcy at every level.

Richard Erwin

Baker City

Bonebrake great choice for board

To the editor:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski made a very astute decision to appoint Aletha Bonebrake to the State Library Board.

Aletha spearheaded the drive to establish the Baker County Library District and then the levies to remodel the Baker City building and establish branch libraries in Haines, Halfway, Richland, Huntington, Sumpter and Unity.

The Library Journal named the Baker County Library as one of the three best small libraries in America. What an honor and a tribute to Aletha and all of those who devoted time and energy to improve library services.

Frances Burgess

Baker City