Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Thanks, police

To the editor:

I want to express my thankfulness to the Baker City Police, especially to Officer Davidson, who went above and beyond the performance of his duty Saturday morning.

At 1:50 a.m. on Saturday, June 26, Officer Davidson called our home to advise that our storefront window, at LaDonna's Fiberarts, had been broken. He did not have our home contact information so he risked going through the shards of glass to retrieve a business card from the counter.

When we arrived we found two officers guarding the property. They had taped off the broken glass for the safety of those leaving a nearby tavern. The speculation was that someone leaving the tavern had fallen against the window. It was clearly not a burglary attempt.

While I went home to get particleboard sheets to fasten over the 8-by-10-foot window, Officer Davidson remained to see that my wife was safe at that late hour, picked up the shards of glass, and assisted me in securing the particleboard over the window.

We certainly are privileged to have such a supportive police department who we can look to in our hour of need, especially when that hour is in the middle of the night.

Roger Haefer

Baker City