Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Lots of questions over ski area deal

To the editor:

I appreciate the opportunity for Baker County to take over Anthony Lakes Ski Resort. I am disturbed by the thought because Baker County does not have the money to do so. It has been said that lodging taxes can be used, but is that really enough, seriously? Has Baker County even done a feasibility study to determine if this is even possible? Of course, that would cost money the county does not have.

I know there are some local business owners who directly benefit from this attraction, but does that make it OK for the county to go into more debt for generations to come to accommodate these few businesses? This nation is in an economic crisis and it is because of spending like this. Everyone, including the local government agencies, need to live within their means.

I would seriously be sorry to see the ski resort close down, but in tough times there come tough measures. Could someone please tell me, where would the money come from? The lodging tax is one source, but what other sources does Baker County have that makes it a "cash cow?" Baker County has failed to release to the public what sort of profit the ski resort makes - and is that even ethical for a government agency to make a profit? I would encourage an article to explain all of this as I have yet to hear anything.

Julie Blank

Baker City