Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

I'll be voting for Segers

To the editor:

Joyce Segers, the Democratic candidate for Congress seeking to replace Rep. Greg Walden, was in Baker City on Sunday. After meeting her and learning about her, I believe she deserves to be elected.

What particularly impressed me was her strong commitment to our common good. Joyce Segers is a real person, and she has extensive personal experience with some major problems of the day, including health care, veterans' needs, and climate change. Beyond that, she is working to build bridges of understanding with all segments of our district. Her keynote is to listen to us and to be of real service to us all.

This is in striking contrast to Rep. Walden, who seems out of touch with us and our real issues, and who votes right down the line with extremist ideology and to benefit the wealthy. In particular, Walden consistently voted for "starve the beast" tax cuts which resulted in the doubling of our national debt from $4 trillion to $8 trillion during the Bush years. Now he's voting "No!" on economic pump priming and on extension of unemployment benefits in the face of the Great Recession. Few of his votes appear to really take into account the needs of us, his constituents in the 2nd District.

I urge my fellow readers to learn about Joyce Segers and her approach at, to donate to her campaign, and to vote for her on Nov. 2.

Marshall McComb

Baker City

Air show was worth the wait

To the editor:

Air Show Success! It was worth the wait. What a fantastic air show this year with the help of the fan support. As a Wings Over Baker board member we are always waiting with anticipation to see what kind of crowd we will get as our only way of making money to afford this show is through gate fees and breakfast and some great donations from local fans. I really want to thank our announcer, Ginger Savage, our cooks, Clarke and Clarke Insurance, and the many volunteers that make this happen. We would love anyone's input on the show and any fundraising ideas for 2011. We are already planning: P.S. Kudos to the "new" airboss, Dr. Kal Kelly! You rock!

Stephanie Tweit

Baker City

Book sale raised $2,000 for library

To the editor:

The Friends of Baker County Libraries wrapped up another successful summer book sale last week, collecting over $2,000 which will support free literacy and cultural events for kids and adults.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to every community member who generously donated books and videos to the library. We also want each volunteer who helped sort, stock, or sell items to know that they are greatly appreciated. We truly could not have accomplished it without you. Hope to see you again at the Winter Book Sale!

On a related note, thanks also to Rob Ferdig and former staff at Movie Gallery. The demise of another community resource for arts and information is extremely regrettable. You were always so helpful and patient with our periodic purchases of boxloads of your used films and worked like champions those last few days. May you all have quick success with your next ventures.

Perry Stokes

Baker County Library District Director

Baker City