Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Volunteer spirit soars again

To the editor:

Wow, what a great event and tremendous success! The 8th annual Airshow and Fly-In, along with the Durkee Steak Feed, both emerged from a one-year hiatus and were received with anticipation and broad smiles.

Approximately 3,000 people enjoyed events both Friday and Saturday including amazing aerial performances, live music, classic car show, Celtic sporting events, and delicious food and beverages.

Many thanks to all who attended, and also to those who volunteered their time and efforts ensuing the success of the weekend. It is evident that true volunteerism is alive and well in Baker County, with people contributing their efforts for the betterment of our great community.

Planning for next year's event is under way. We welcome your comments and ideas. Watch for time and place of the next planning meeting or call me with your input.

Again, thanks for all you do to make Baker County a great place to live.

Mel Cross

Baker City