Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Time to elect a mayor to run city

To the editor:

City government can take several forms. Baker's present city manager form of government seems to be running a little bumpily. Baker was run by the mayor form of government until around 1960 as I recall.In this form the mayor is elected in a general election and he runs the city.

It appears to me that returning to the mayor form of government now might solve most of the present political problems in Baker City.

Carl Kostol

Baker City

What would Will Rogers write?

To the editor:

My father was a big fan of Will Rogers and I like to read his writings too. Brevity and to the point were the hallmarks of his writing in his daily lampoon. He would have had a very interesting source of material had he observed the action that appears on Channel 3 on Tuesdays.

I believe he would sum up the meetings by suggesting these players need a bigger sand box.

Eric Romtvedt

Baker City