Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

First 4-H experience was wonderful

To the editor:

My daughter participated in 4-H for the first time this year, and I would like to thank everyone involved in making the Baker County Fair such a great experience for our whole family. I was impressed over and over again by the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone we encountered during fair week and in the months leading up to the actual event.

More than any other activity we've been to, the fair seemed to be all about the kids. From the extension office staff to the volunteers in the archery and shooting booths who patiently let my son take turn after turn, everyone was focused on providing a great experience for all the youth in our community.

A very special thank you is due to all the businesses and individuals who turned out for the auction on Saturday. I realize how often you are asked to contribute to many worthy causes and the financial impact of doing so. The support you gave the kids at the auction was absolutely amazing! Thanks to all of you, buyers and fair organizers alike, for helping teach the kids the value of hard work. We are very lucky to call this community home, and we're already looking forward to next year.

Andie Jesenko

Baker City