Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Let's just stop, count to 10

To the editor:

I have noticed something lately, and blame it on politics, taxes, money, jobs, stockmarket or whatever the reason, there are some extremely angry people all over. More than usual. They are so hot they can melt hell with their anger. Every place I go I see cashiers, sales people, hospital staff, waiters, waitresses, bankers, strangers and kids just getting full force of outbursts of anger loudly expressed at them and for what I can tell it's not their fault and can't do anything about it which makes their attacker more furious.

I'm no doctor but I think you should count to 10, calm down or I'm sure you are going to spontaneously combust or maybe even explode. Again I'm not a doctor and that may not happen but it looks like you're going to.

Just remember: You wouldn't want someone screaming at you, your kids, your family, your friends, you at your job and a stranger working to support their life so calm, calm, calm down. Please.

Jeremy Lemro

Baker City

Every town should accept everybody

To the editor:

I was saddened to hear that there was a crime that was racially motivated. I agree with Nicholas's comment about it's 2010 and enough is enough. Although Baker City has few residents that are African American, all races, ethnicities, and nationalities should be welcome even in rural America.

People that are of the belief that hate-crimes are acceptable are clearly delusional and ignorant. I'm also disappointed that the Baker City Herald chose to print a picture of the victim on the front cover of their newspaper. Why? The victim's picture looks like a mug shot from the city police; as if he was a part of the problem! It was not Nicholas' fault that Jacob Davis decided to assault him because of his ignorance. An apology from the Baker City Herald should be issued to Nicholas for their inconsiderate oversight. This is a small enough city to figure out who is who without making front cover of the newspaper. Nicholas has already been through enough. Baker City Herald editor, you should have known better!

Melissa Yzquierdo

Baker City

Warner's trip was right thing to do

To the editor:

I'm thrilled to read that Ash Grove Cement Co. may be granted extra time to comply with government regulations. Their payroll is an integral part of our economy, plus the livelihood of many dedicated workers and their families.

It pleases me that Fred Warner Jr. made the special trip to Washington, D.C,. to "champion the cause."

I'm really impressed with Warner and the job he does for our county. In addition to this particular issue, his position requires many level-headed decisions. He weighs them heavily, based on what is best for the County, not his own popularity. With this interest at heart, he can face, with confidence, numerous facets of County governing. I applaud Fred Warner Jr.

Warner comes from a fifth generation of pioneers who settled Baker County. Their current families continue to love this land, this County and its people.

When election time comes, Warner will certainly get my vote.

Phyllis Badgley

Baker City