Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Welcome feedback on Highland Games

To the editor:

I don't even know how we begin to thank everyone. I could write a book. So, on behalf of the Eastern Oregon Celtic Society and the Eastern Oregon Throwers - many thanks to our team of amazing volunteers, our incredibly talented entertainers, our dedicated clans people, our wonderful vendors, SAAA Idaho, the many athletes that came to compete the communities and businesses of Eastern Oregon and our friends and supporters.

It takes many, many people to put on a successful event. We could not

have done it without all of you. Thank you, from the bottom of our


If you missed joining us for this event due to the unseasonal chilly

weather, we are hoping for sunshine for next year's event. We try to be

as culturally authentic as possible but most of us can definitely do

without the Scottish weather! We hope that this event is something that

the residents of Baker County and Union County find interesting and

entertaining and want to continue. We welcome feedback of any kind:

eocelts@gmail.com or 541-523-4340.

Marna Fahrney

Baker City


Eastern Oregon Celtic Society

A remarkable encounter on the Twin Lakes trail

To the editor:

While hunting elk Tuesday afternoon above the Twin Lakes trailhead, I

crossed paths with a married couple chatting quietly as they made their

way down-trail and back to their vehicle. We conversed only for a

moment, but long enough for me to learn that they were celebrating

their 52nd wedding anniversary in the same way they had celebrated

their first: with a hike up to Twin Lakes.

Having made that hike a few times myself, I knew I had caught them at

the end of a long but rewarding day. I was impressed by their cheerful

demeanor, but even more by the feat itself. What an accomplishment, and

what a great way to celebrate such a notable day!

I spent the remainder of that afternoon reflecting on my own fond

memories of similar hikes, and wondering whether my wife and I would be

up to such a trek 32 years from now. I remember feeling astonished when

it occurred to me that the pleasant couple I had just met had

celebrated their 1st anniversary hiking that same trail a few years

before I was born! How fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful

place, surrounded by so many wonderful people. I don't know the

couple's names, but it was a pleasure to meet them.

David Spaugh

Sumpter Valley