Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

A lot more to Pope-Brocato story

To the editor:

On Aug. 24, Councilor Pope failed to attend the Council meeting, and instead went to a "fellowship" of ex-councilors, ex-city employees and the ex-City Manager, Steve Brocato, who currently has a lawsuit filed against the City Councilors and the city of Baker City. It appears that all attending the "fellowship" were supporters of the failed recall vote to recall City Councilors who had voted to fire Brocato. It should be noted that when the vote to fire Brocato was announced, Councilor Pope made a comment that he would sue the City Councilors who had voted to fire Brocato. Pope did not follow up with this threat, but he has ranted about it ever since it happened.

Chris Christie and Jason Bland found out that Pope was attending the "fellowship" instead of attending the Council meeting and chose to witness the meeting from across the street. When Brocato and Pope noticed them, they crossed the street and Brocato assaulted Jason Bland by knocking off his hat and Pope called Chris Christie a creep numerous times and verbally abused them. Brocato eventually made an inappropriate 911 call to ask for police assistance. On the 911 tape, when Brocato was asked if alcohol was involved, he said no. Brocato was not telling the truth.

Why have the Record Courier and the Baker City Herald failed to make a complete report of this incident? Was the "fellowship" meeting for the group to plan for Brocato's upcoming lawsuit? Is Councilor Pope assisting Brocato with the lawsuit against the city of Baker City and the councilors? Will either Brocato or Pope actually be willing to testify at Brocato's lawsuit while under oath and subject to cross examination? Is this whole thing turning into a circus with comic book characters?

To get the complete story, please see the Baker County Blog at ( There is a lot more to the story.

Richard Harris

Baker City

A birthday gift and a belated wish

To the editor:

I looked around my living room, after all the family had left from being here for the funeral of my beautiful niece Christina. After clearing a table I found my birthday gift she had given me. A book titled "I Am Here For You." Signed, I love you, auntie. Love, Christy.

How sad we could not be there for her. I will never forget you.

Carol Free

Baker City