Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Before you vote, calculate a grade

To the editor:

The upcoming congressional election does not appear to be a valid time for simply voting along party lines. There is far too much at stake.

Before votes are cast, voters should examine the records of incumbents and the goals and promises of their challengers in the areas of: healthcare reform; deficit spending; trillions of dollars of debt; bigger government vs. smaller; immigration and the monitoring of our borders; use of earmarks; and more.

Are their records and promises focused on the best interests of their constituents or merely their agendas?

In each race, grade candidates according to past performance or promised performance in each category, A through F. Then cast your vote for the one with the highest grade average.

Try it. The people can redirect government through the vote!

Robert L. Heriza

Baker City

It's not fun for Pope's constituents

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Doug Darlington wrote, "Pope needs to step down."But he doubts Baker City Councilor Milo Pope will do so, because, quoting Pope, he's "having too much fun."

Just what does Pope consider fun?

Pope must be having fun complaining about the perfectly legal firing of City Manager Steve Brocato, since he constantly natters on and on about it.

Does he consider it fun campaigning to have two of his colleagues on city council recalled? Was it fun spending $1,604.04 of his funds on behalf of the Recall Dorrah and Calder Committee to publish his wordy defense of Brocato and condemnation of four city councilors for firing Brocato?

Was Pope having fun on the evening of Aug. 24 at a pizza and beer party also attended by Brocato, former Assistant City Manager Jennifer Watkins, former City Councilor Andrew Bryan, former Mayor Jeff Petry, and Baker City computer consultant Dave Davis, when Pope and buddies knew he should have been at a city council meeting welcoming our new City Manager Mike Kee?

Let's look at some other fun activities that happened in connection with Pope's pizza party. Did Pope have fun charging across Washington Street to irately give a citizen a piece of his mind, when he discovered he'd been caught on camera skipping the city council meeting to host a party?

Was it fun for Pope behaving like a schoolyard bully by straddling the front tire of the bicycle of the citizen with the camera, so that the citizen could not avoid listening to Pope's self-righteous indignation about being "spied on" from across the street?

But it probably wasn't fun for Pope, when he learned he'd been caught on camera earlier that evening watering a tree beside his law office, when he should have used the toilet inside.

Are constituents having fun observing the antics of this sitting city councilor and former circuit court judge?

Gary Dielman

Baker City