Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Anyone who succumbs to frustration while trying to figure out how to

raise money for a worthwhile cause ought to remember these two words:

Cow tongues.

If the licking predilections of the bovine can bring in thousands of

dollars for research into Parkinson's Disease, then pretty much

anything is possible in the realm of fundraising.

The idea of auctioning salt licks, the brainchild of Baker County

raconteur Whit Deschner, ought to inspire everyone who aspires to do

good works.

Which is not to say that every scheme will succeed the way Whit's has done.

His idea, though quintessentially Eastern Oregon, probably wouldn't resonate quite the same in downtown Portland.

Nor should anyone expect Oregon Public Broadcasting to send a video crew all the way across the state to cover their bake sale or car wash.

Still and all, the popularity of Baker County's salt lick auction s proves that a unique concept, however hare-brained it might seem at first, is worth trying.

Any good cause is likely to stimulate people's inherent generosity.

But it never hurts to give them a laugh at the same time.

We'd wager that most people find it easier to pull out their checkbook when they're smiling.