Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Kitzhaber the logical choice

To the editor:

In the upcoming gubernatorial election, Oregonians have two choices. One is John Kitzhaber, a doctor and longtime public servant who, as governor, helped expand health coverage to Oregonians and cut waste from the state budget. The other, Chris Dudley, is a puppet for big business interests with no experience in government and who has forgotten to vote more than half the time.

With big business pouring money into a massive campaign war chest,

Chris Dudley has taken to filling the airwaves with advertisements

promising Oregonians that he can somehow cut taxes for big business and

individuals, while simultaneously privatizing liquor sales, saving

money in a rainy day fund and increasing funding for higher education.

This is nonsensical; the revenue lost from these proposals will not

magically reappear out of nowhere. Dudley won't spell out what he would

cut, instead hoping he can sell Oregonians on his magical accounting. A

former money manager for the ultra-wealthy should know better. And as

for the jobs Dudley claims he can create? They won't seem as exciting

if, as he has said, he slashes Oregon's minimum wage.

By contrast, John Kitzhaber was a practicing physician in Oregon before

going into politics. After serving Oregonians as a legislator and

governor from 1978 though 2003, Kitzhaber went on to work on

healthcare-related issues and founded the Archimedes movement, which

aims to make health care more efficient. During his time as a

legislator, he was widely credited with helping shape the revolutionary

Oregon Health Plan. Over his time as governor, more than 125,000 jobs

were created, and the income of Oregonians increased by almost 50


Don't fall for magical accounting and robotic assertions of job

creation. As governor, Chris Dudley will hurt working class Oregonians.

John Kitzhaber offers realistic proposals to deal with the problems

facing Oregon today. Join me in voting for John Kitzhaber for


Elliott Averett

Baker City

Mining can save our economy

To the editor:

Mining is the world's most vital industry. Nothing can be made without using minerals directly or indirectly.

All jobs, all businesses and industry are dependent on a source of minerals.

Most people don't realize that our country has been engaged in another

war for over 90 years that is completely separate from our military


This is an economic war. There are powers that have been working all

these years to create an economic breakdown of our country. For many

years they supported and financed the communist system as a means to

control the world, but communism was so inefficient that it could not

support itself.

When it failed they decided to use the environmental movement as their

vehicle. Environmental extremists whose true goal is not to protect the

Earth but to stop production, have infiltrated our government and used

every means possible, including creating regulations contrary to

congressional law and rulings of the court. They are succeeding,

economic breakdown is imminent.

The basic industries that harvest our food and resources have been

seriously damaged and our country is forced to spend the accumulated

wealth of our nation to buy the things we will not let ourselves


Most of our needed minerals are imported instead of creating jobs and new wealth which our country desperately needs.

For example, we estimate that in the Baker area there are approximately

148 small mining operations being held up by the Forest Service and BLM

that could be producing. The economic impact of mining is high because

it has a multiplier effect of $33 benefit for every dollar worth of

minerals recovered.

If each of these mines recovering half an ounce of gold per day this

could mean $650 x 20 productive days per month, which equals $57.7

million in new wealth would be added to the economy per month. Much of

this would be spent locally. If regulations were relaxed statewide or

over the mineral-producing West, the economic impact would be a major

stimulus to our entire economy. Mining is important! Help save our


Kenneth Anderson

Retired mining geologist

Baker City