Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

YMCA football coaches were great

To the editor:

My husband and I would like to say thank you to Ty Bennett, Chris Folkman and Keith Dunn for the outstanding job they did coaching the YMCA tackle football team, the Bulldogs, this year. Their enthusiasm and dedication to this team and the game of football is awesome!

Our son, Jared, has not stopped talking about how much fun he has had. We appreciate the way they made everyone feel like part of the team and to be good sportsmen. Their knowledge of football and instruction to the players on how to play their positions came through in everyone. The games were great to watch and we got to see a lot of talent come out from all of the kids through their excellent coaching and encouragement.

What we enjoyed most was the team attitude the players had towards one another and having fun while playing a good game of football. Our son is the one who will benefit from this experience and I am glad he was able to be a part of this great team of kids and coaches. Thanks for making this a memorable year!

Julie Blank

Baker City

Vote no on Measure 74

To the editor:

Oregon voters are being asked, through Measure 74, to greatly expand the legality of so-called medical marijuana by approving Measure 74 this November. Measure 74 has nothing to do with providing pain relief to persons suffering from physical ailments or increasing tax revenue to help the state's sagging economy. It has everything to do with providing a shield for the expanded and presently illegal use of marijuana for those suffering no afflictions at all.

The tax revenue argument is faulty. Proponents can only guess as to how much revenue will be generated and the reality is the cost of enforcement of the proposed revisions will likely offset or exceed any revenue generated.

When Oregon's original medical marijuana law was passed the proponents claimed only a couple of thousand "patients" would be eligible. Sixteen times that number have submitted bogus claims of need for "medical" pot. The current law has, quite honestly, served as nothing more than legal cover for the abuse of a narcotic.

There is good reason why marijuana is still illegal under federal law and why the Food and Drug Administration has never deemed this narcotic safe for medical use. There are ample pain relievers, including the active ingredient in marijuana (THC) which can be synthetically manufactured in clean, regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that are far more effective and safe than weed.

This measure is nothing more than legal cover for the expanded abuse of a dangerous narcotic. Measure 74 needs a "NO" vote.

Jerry Boyd

Baker City