Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Editorial board misses mark

To the editor:

The idea that tax cuts for the wealthy will stimulate the economy and will pay for themselves has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited.I therefore found it discouraging to read your assertion that cutting the capital gains tax - and digging an $800 million hole in Oregon's budget - will create jobs ("Dudley for governor," Oct. 18.It) made me want to rest my weary head on the kitchen table.

Except for right-wing groups like the Heritage Foundation and writers

at conservative publications like National Review, economists who have

seriously studied this tax-cut idea (known as "supply-side" or "trickle

down" economics) have found it without merit.For example, tax cuts by

Reagan and G. W. Bush both resulted in government deficits.On the

other hand, Clinton's tax increases for the wealthy were followed by

impressive budget surpluses.

Supply-side "theory" is merely a ploy by the wealthy to lower their own

taxes and by "starve the beast" ideologues to cripple the government.

(And their persistent peddling of this idea has worked. Redistribution

of wealth is underway.Average tax rates for the wealthy are now as low

as they were before President Roosevelt's New Deal.)

I applaud my fellow reader, Craig Martell, for raising this same

question in his letter to the editor on the very same Opinion page as

your editorial. I invite the editorial board of the Baker City Herald

to provide us any credible evidence supporting supply-side economics.

The editorial board might also relate the supply-side "theory" to our

current economic distress.Are we in need of business investment?Is

there a shortage of productive capacity?No. The fact is that consumers

are mostly sitting on their wallets. We have a shortage of market

demand, not supply. Cutting taxes for the wealthy will not help, and

parroting the centerpiece of Dudley's campaign will not make it so.

Here's a recommended, more authoritative resource: www.nytimes.com/2003/09/14/magazine/the-tax-cut-con.html.

Oregon needs Kitzhaber.

Marshall McComb

Baker City

I've proved my allegiance to U.S.

To the editor:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to

the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible,

with liberty and justice for all.

These are the most sacred words I have ever known in my life. I have

only known one nation, pledged allegance to only one flag, Old Glory,

proudly reported for duty to serve my country at a time of turbulence

in the 60s. Though given medical discharge I still would if called upon

again to defend my country, America.

Yet I am being forced to prove my citizenship and faithfulness to America. Or face unfair consequences.Why?

Manny Gutierrez Sr.

Baker City

Dudley the clear choice for Oregon

To the editor:

Election time is here, and we have two clear choices for Oregon's gubernatorial race.

Chris Dudley is a successful businessman and well-known philanthropist

giving millions of his own earnings to charity, a man highly regarded

in every arena he has ever performed and a constitutionalist.

Then you have John Kitzhaber, a Salem insider, failed two-term governor

documenting sky high unemployment, failing-grade schools, no rainy day

fund, and finally a state he claimed was "ungovernable."

Let's talk John Kitzhaber and health care. If no other issue were

enough to deny a third term as governor to Kitzhaber, health care is.

This is the only issue John Kitzhaber runs on. Our current "efficient"

Oregon Health Plan, created through his Archimedes Movement, championed

by Senator Ron Wyden and Ted Kulongoski, is over-funded yet financially

broke, inaccessible and unavailable.

Kitzhaber is sadly running the same vicious negative ad campaigns other

high-profile troubled Democrat candidates are now flooding the

airwaves. With fat cat unions and special interest money pouring into

his campaign, Kitzhaber is staging dishonestly negative ads on Dudley.

These ads prompted even normally liberal The Oregonian to state

"Kitzhaber highly edited Dudley words" and Channel 8 KGW News saying

"The truth is left on the cutting room floor." On Hot Cross Buns, he

jokingly claimed to have "personally brought down the economy" almost


The documented truth is Kitzhaber failed as governor leaving Oregon in

disarray; our schools in shambles, and high chronic unemployment.

Instead of creating jobs Kitzhaber wants to tax mom and pop businesses

to pay for the deficit caused by his past administrations. He even

wants to tax the unemployed stating "Obviously a sales tax is an

option."Chris Dudley is a conservative. He works for free enterprise

and Oregonians' ability to prosper if left to do it without government

interference. Chris Dudley has visited Eastern Oregon three times

understanding our concerns and needs. Where has John Kitzhaber been? Oh

yes, Portland and the I-5 corridor, because he believes those are the

only constituents worth courting - shameful. Make your vote count for

you. Elect Chris Dudley for governor.

Kyle Knight

Baker City