Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Socialists posing as Democrats

To the editor:

The elections are nearing and it seems a good time to review my voting experience and add some insight. My first vote was in 1940 and I only missed a few votes since with excused absences in WW II.

The recent vote on Obama's medical care bill is frightening. To have the Congress rush this bill so fast that they were voting on it until 3 a.m. with the president waiting in his office later the same day with his pen poised to sign it adds to the fright.

Further fright was added when their radical leader, Nancy Pelosi, urged

her colleagues to "pass the bill so that we will be able to read

it."This bill covered thousands of pages and virtually no one had been

able to read any of it.This is a terrible way to pass any legislation.

The interest in medical care by the politicians on the radical left is

easily explained by their adherence to the Karl Marx manifesto which

explains to disciples how to control a population.The first item in

his manifesto is that if you can control their access to medical care

then you control the people.This has led to a lot of political

activity. One fairly recent instance was Hillary's attempt to produce

a medical care bill.How did she get this much power?No wife in

history even came close.The main thing that I remember about her

proposed bill was that it contained the word "penalty" over 900 times.

The problem as I see it today is that we have too many people who are

really Socialists but present themselves as Democrats because

Socialists have never done well in getting elected.Congressman Ben

Davis was the lone exception but his time is long past.

Do I think that all Democrats are Socialists?No. I believe most

Democrats are just Democrats. Our problem is the Socialists posing as

Democrats and working themselves into important positions of influence.

All Democrats are not Socialists but a lot of Socialists pose as


Carl Kostol

Baker City

Won't vote for the GOP ticket

To the editor:

We've had all the fox guarding the chicken-coop shenanigans I think we

can stand, in these Divided States of Americaand even though it will

take us a long, long time to pull out of our national tragedy, the

party of "NO" wants us to put them back in power again. That's known as

chutzpa, or inordinate gall.

I thought the party of "NO" would have retreated so far back in the

woods they would soon be forgotten but no such luck. Like the bad habit

they are, they keep coming back. H.L. Mencken, a leading newspaperman

of the early 20th century, was famously quoted: "Nobody ever lost money

betting against the intelligence of the American voter," and he was

right because the beat does go on. This cynical GOP party did all but

flush our once great nation down the loo in the last decade and now are

demanding we return them to the management table.

Here's a short list of their horrors in that short time. They lied to

us in starting a needless, senseless war in 2003, causing the deaths of

285,000 Iraqis, 63 percent of them civilians; 4,287 American dead,

30,182 wounded and this repugnant charade isn't over yet, and when it

is we're not going to know who won. . . all the while the cost meter

has been humming at 1.97 million dollars a minute for seven years and

counting, and nobody seems to talk about this hideous shame on our

national psyche, much less the outrageous cost.

So thanks to their shameless excesses, centered around money, and their

incessant shucking and jiving over who loves God the most, America

might not be able to pull off the necessary recovery. So coming down to

our state political races, remembering Mencken's words, I'll not vote

for a 6-foot-10basketball player for governor, with absolutely no

experience running anything, and won't vote for our career congressman

who has been an integral part of our national shame


Gene Wall

Baker City

BHS Film Club gets lots of help

To the editor:

Last April Baker High School approved a Film Arts Club (FAC.This) club

gives students a chance to work on various parts of film making from

writing to directing to acting to camera operation.Jason Smith agreed

to be their advisor. Of course, the video equipment is expensive and

during the last year they were able to borrow a local videographer's

editing suite.

Terry and Dan McQuisten of the Eltrym Theatre sponsored a film festival

for the students to see their films on the big screen.There was a vote

for the best film and all proceeds from ticket sales went to the

FAC.The winning film from the FAC festival was automatically entered

into the Baker Art Guild's "We Like 'em Short" film festival and

donated the proceeds to the FAC.

During July the FAC members held a car "bash" during Miners Jubilee and

a "Spray paint this car" fundraiser during the Memory Cruise weekend.

Both times, Frank Gargalis of 5 Star Towing not only donated a car for

them, they also delivered it and picked it up when the fundraiser was

over.Now that's service!

The FAC also had a booth to sell soft drinks at the Baker Air Show thanks to the assistance of Mel Cross.

On Sept. 4, the FAC had their final "summer" fundraiser - a huge yard

sale.The Agape Church allowed the club to use their parking lot to

catch the Sumpter Flea Market crowd.Many Baker City residents donated

items for the yard sale.Barbara Westlund and Vera Walker assisted

during the sale making it a great success.

Melinda Sherrieb donated her canopy for all of the FAC fundraisers so

the students had "an entry" and shade during those hot sunny days.

As a parent it is overwhelming to see the outpouring of support from

the entire community to the BHS students trying to raise funds for a

new club.I would like to thank everyone that helped out in any way.

The club is currently working on multiple film projects and exciting fundraisers for the current school year.

Susan Schlipf

Baker City

Warner lets down county on roads

To the editor:

We have choices to consider in the upcoming elections. I have been

dismally disappointed in the handling of the Travel Management Plan

taken by our county court. 6,000 signatures were gathered in a very

short time, urging a stand against road closures. Using 6,000 as a

comparative figure, the Baker City Herald has a circulation of 3,199;

or another figure, in 2002 Fred Warner Jr. was elected county chair

with a margin of less than 200 votes.

Open public domain diminishes daily. Many, in fact thousands, feel that

a stand of "no more road closures" to be quite a realistic stance.

Movements such as the Tea Party are born when 6,000 people are

recklessly ignored.

A Warner-led Commission found many forest roads, in their judgment,

weren't being traveled. The Commission feels these roads will be

valuable as bargaining chips when closures are implemented. The logic

here evades me. Who believes the Forest Service have their sights on

closing roads not being traveled. During my lifetime they've managed to

close road after road, one after another, my family and countless

others routinely traveled.

My vote goes to who I feel is representing local interests. I felt the

Travel Management Plan was the biggest issue to emerge since the

Endangered Species Act sank the timber industry. The mining industry is

now facing the same fate as the timber industry.

Coordination might help, might not. I attended a few meetings.

Coordination was introduced to the county early in the travel

management issue. Knowledgeable individuals were ignored when they

volunteered to bring the county up to speed on the concept. Common

sense would tell you to reach for the life vest that possibly offered a

chance to preserve this area's cultural and natural resource industries.

Thus being said, Mr. Fred Warner does not have my support in the upcoming election.

Wanda Ballard

Baker City