Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Kitzhaber is ready to lead - now

To the editor:

Dudley is running on a "new face" "new direction" platform.It's the best he can do as a completely untested candidate with no political, job-creating, or qualifying management experience.It is very understandable that Oregonians are hoping for a miracle.But let's take a look at California's hope for a miracle eight years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, too, was a tall, handsome, athletic,

businessman-celebrity who had never held political office.Californians

swooned.Having fallen for the same hype and hope we now hear about the

Republican candidate in Oregon, California voters even recalled sitting

Governor Gray Davis to put in the pie-in-the-sky Terminator,


Where is California today? 13-percent+ unemployment under the

inexperienced newcomer. And what abouthis promise of working with both

parties for abright new future for California? Annual budget

stalemates, California paying its bills with IOUs, and spending

deficits as far as the eye can see.

Oregonians, don't be fooled.Governing is not basketball. A "new face"

could mean a bad governor.There is no miracle out there. Oregon needs

all the skillful experience it can get - starting day one.And John

Kitzhaber has it.Elect Kitzhaber.

Ed Moses

Baker City