Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Don't let wind farms ruin us

To the editor:

How many people are aware that a 46,000-acre wind farm of 40-story high windmills is poised to destroy the scenic beauty of Union County? Do the people of Baker County realize that the same corporation who wants to build this is planning on doing the same to our lands?

Like most, I was initially fooled by the hype into believing that wind

power was "green energy." Now I know better. Windmills are anything but

green. They disfigure our scenic vistas, decimate land, kill wildlife

and cause human health problems.

Wind farms annihilate wildlife. Nationwide they kill many thousands of

migratory birds and birds of prey. Windmills create a shift in air

pressure so severe that bats implode in flight and fall dead from the

sky. Since bats eat mosquitoes, West Nile virus outbreaks could become

more common. And where windmills stand, animals such as large mammals

leave permanently. Wind farms become gargantuan pinwheeled killing


People will suffer also. Those living near these noisy windmills

experience fatigue, irritability, insomnia, depression and other

ailments. They will suffer financially also, as their property values

decrease dramatically.

Contrary to industry spiel, there will be few, if any, permanent jobs

created locally. And the money will flow to the European company that

is behind this. Your tax dollars will help subsidize them, however.

In the end, all that we will be left with if wind farms are allowed to

invade our area is a desecrated landscape of wind turbines visible from

up to 40 miles away, destruction of the feel of wildness and open

space, loss of wildlife and a lingering sadness of how pretty it all

used to be.

The best way to comprehend the devastation is to stand amidst the roar

of the blades, atop land that was once pristine, ground that has become

so cluttered with windmills that it is now nothing more than an

industrial white-bladed wasteland - places such as those near the

Columbia Gorge, or areas near Palm Springs and Mojave, Calif.

Don't let this potential tragedy befall Union or Baker County.

Bryan Barrow

Baker City

GOP shenanigans remembered

To the editor:

Carl Kostol laments the "recent vote on Obama's medical care bill [as]

frightening." (Letters, Oct. 27, 2010.) He has apparently forgotten the

Republican medical care bill of 2003.

Hopefully dubbed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and

Modernization Act, a Republican creature, it was the product of

corruption. A 15-minute vote stretched into the middle of the night

while Republican leader Tom DeLay and his henchmen employed any means

to gather votes, including bribery. Democratic members of the House

were denied any opportunity to offer amendments. Cost estimates were

known to be false. Medicare's chief actuary believed the bill would

cost an additional $200 billion. He was threatened with the loss of his

job if he revealed that fact. His estimate was itself $200 billion


While states, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and private plans can

negotiate drug prices, the law prohibits Medicare from doing so. The

law prohibits the importation of drugs from other countries. Cheaper

and equally efficacious drugs from Canada come to mind. I suppose it

depends upon whose ox is being gored, whether by a socialist or the

merely corrupt.

Milo Pope

Baker City