Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Support May Day, help to end domestic violence

To the editor:

Every year an estimated 1.3 million American women are victims of domestic violence. This number represents those woman who survive the abuse. Thousands of women die every year at the hand of their abuser.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, one in every three female

murders is committed as an act of domestic violence by an intimate

partner. These statistics are haunting.

Just recently a Baker City woman, Christy Blankenship, became one of

these statistics. Ms. Blankenship tragically left behind four children.

For years, MayDay has been an asset to our community. Many of you

reading this letter probably are not familiar with MayDay. I have had

the personal opportunity to work hand in hand with this facility and

witness the miracles they provide to men, woman, and children.

With support from you and me they can continue to provide services to

our community, creating awareness, and working toward putting an end to

violence. Saturday Nov. 6 at 6 p.m. at the Baker Elks Lodge there will

be a fundraiser held for the children of Christy Blankenship in

conjunction with MayDay Inc. This is an opportunity for our community

to join together and unite, supporting the Blankenship kids and MayDay.

Please join me on Saturday, to show our support and also send a strong

message that our beautiful community will not tolerate


Marianne Stone

Baker City

A fun, but also slightly bumpy, stagecoach ride

To the editor:

Thank you, Ralph and Alvin Ward and the Ward family, for donating the

yellow stagecoach to the Baker Heritage Museum. It was so much fun to

ride in it with Ron Colton's Percherons pulling it. Even though we were

on paved streets it was a very bumpy ride. Imagine what it would have

been like on the hills coming into Baker Valley!

The Heritage Museum is closed for the season, but will be open during

the Thanksgiving weekend. We are so fortunate that Alice Warnock,

Carolyn Sherrieb and others had the foresight to save the old "Nat" and

convert it to this great museum.

Frances Burgess

Baker City