Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Biker City Riders

are appreciated

To the editor:

I would like to say a big thank you to the Biker City Riders and all the volunteers who came out to Settler's Park on Oct. 27 for the Pumpkin Painting Party. Thank you all for coming out and giving your time for our residents. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you to BCR for the photos you handed out to the residents and for the special book as well. The kindness you all show is comforting and it's nice to know that people out there still do care abut the community and those who live in the community.

Thank you all!

Nichole Edvalson

Settler's Park receptionist

A better option for green power

To the editor:

The emphasis on large-scale wind and solar farms will result in bulk power in places where it isn't needed. New high-voltage transmission line projects have been initiated all over the country, ostensibly to distribute this green power. At about $6 million per mile, the costs of these lines will result in higher power rates.

There is strong opposition to routing lines over private, scenic, historic, and environmentally sensitive land. Maybe large wind and solar farms are not such a good idea.

The alternative is dispersed sites with a single wind-turbine and/or small solar array. At up to a megawatt each, it wouldn't take many sites to outproduce the large wind and solar farms. Property owners could lease or own these sites to supply their own energy needs and feed surplus to the grid. Land unsuitable for agriculture, even small acreage, could be farmed for energy. The average power from these dispersed sites would not be affected by local wind variation or cloud cover. Natural disasters or equipment failure would have only a minor impact on the overall system.

Best of all, existing transmission lines would be adequate. The beauty and economy of green power is that it can be produced anywhere on a small scale. The technology and infrastructure for distributed green power exist. Let's invest in the future instead of perpetrating the outdated notion that power has to be produced at a few sites and sent long distances.

The $400 million B2H project will not produce any power, just transport it. That same money would buy 4,000 20kw distributed solar/wind sites and would produce enough power for 8,000 homes. I urge Baker County to follow its own guidelines as set forth in Ordnance 2001-01 and protect its citizens from Idaho Power's misguided energy plan.

Tom Brown

Virginia resident and

Durkee property owner

Try reading drivers manual

To the editor:

Twice in the last two days I have had the unfortunate experience of almost being hit by inconsiderate drivers who either don't know the rules of the road or just don't care. This has happened many times in the past and I've finally had enough.

Has anyone ever read the motor vehicle manual? It isn't very enjoyable or exciting reading material, but driving laws are in place for a reason. If you follow the laws, they might keep you out of a wreck or even from killing somebody.

When you are driving on a two-lane road, you don't expect people to pass you on the right because you aren't supposed to do it.

Drivers who pull up to a stop light or sign and want to turn right are supposed to stay in the normal driving lane, put their turn signal on and turn when pedestrians are out of the crosswalk. Pulling into the parking lane to the right of other traffic and acting like it is a turning lane is wrong, stupid and illegal. The parking lanes are called parking lanes because you park in them.

I realize that turn signals and proper use of the road are foreign ideas to a lot of people, but if you try to pass from the parking lane and the person in the real driving lane is also turning right and that car runs into your car, well too bad, you are at fault.

You will get a ticket and will have to fix the other guy's car. Even if you are parked in a parking lane and want to turn right, you are supposed to turn left into the driving lane before making the right turn.

I know they are odd ideas - driving in driving lanes, parking in parking lanes, walking in crosswalks - what will they think of next?

The police have done crosswalk stings before, maybe they should watch for drivers passing on the right and breaking other driving laws too.

Jodi Thomas

Baker City