Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Rachel Center grateful for support

To the editor:

The board, staff and volunteers at the Rachel Pregnancy Center would like to thank all who helped make our fall banquet, held on Nov. 4, a success.

Our banquet is a major fundraiser for the Rachel Pregnancy Center, and so many individuals, businesses and organizations helped to make this evening successful. Because of this community support, we will be able to assist more families in crisis pregnancy situations.

We are so grateful for all of the help we have received and continue to

receive. If you would like to learn more about the Rachel Center and

how you can help, please call 541-523-5375.

The Rachel Pregnancy Center is committed to upholding the sanctity of

human life to anyone facing unplanned pregnancy and related challenges

by providing practical, emotional and spiritual support while sharing

the unconditional love of Jesus


Alberta Darlington

Baker City

How to create jobs? Here's one way

To the editor:

The election is over and all the politicians seemed to agree that we

have to stimulate the economy and create jobs. We heard no good

explanations of how this was to be accomplished. Our country is facing

economic breakdown unless we do something soon.

Most politicians now realize that we cannot go on spending more than we

earn forever, so the talk about cutting expenses. Good, but where does

the money come from to carry on the rest of our needs?

Stimulating Wall Street and printing money won't get it. That only postpones the inevitable.

To solve the problem we must first understand why we have the troubles.

The answer is freedom. Our country was once the best, most prosperous

place on Earth. This was made possible because we had land and the

freedom to recover its produce and resources, which created new wealth

and fueled expanding manufacturing industries that provided necessities

and niceties of modern life.

We have regulated ourselves out of business and are living on borrowed

money and spending the previously accumulated wealth of our nation to

buy the things that we will not let ourselves produce.

If we really want to save our economy, it can be done if our leaders

have the guts to do it. The wrongheaded policies and regulations that

prevent use from going to work must be reversed or put on hold until

our economy recovers.

For example, we estimate that in the Baker area there are approximately

148 small mining operations being held up by the Forest Service and BLM

that could be producing. The economic impact of mining is high because

it has a multiplier effect of $33 benefit for every dollar worth of

minerals recovered.

If each of these mines recovering half an ounce of gold per day this

could mean $57.7 million in new wealth would be added to the economy

per month.

Kenneth Anderson

Baker City

Dancing 'stars' aren't always

To the editor:

As far back as I can remember I have always loved dancing. So I enjoyed

the TV program "Dancing With the Stars." This year's competition was

well worth watching until the selection of the semifinalists and


It was not about excellence in dancing. The selections brought home the

bitter truth that hard work, ability and ambition don't pay; it's who

you know that pays.

Miriam K. Aschim