Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Haines firefighters are professionals

To the editor:

I wish to add my compliments to the Haines Volunteer Fire Department, regarding the Rock Creek fire on Thanksgiving Day.

I have never seen them in action before. They arrived in 20 minutes and fought valiantly long into the night. The weather was frigid, dropping below the teens after dusk.

Observing them with, an albeit untrained eye, they were competent, professional and their efforts were coordinated and goal-oriented. They were successful in saving the outbuildings and trees, some of them being in very close proximity to the burning house.

As a homeowner it is reassuring comfort to know they are serving my community. No longer will my memory of them just include blaring horns and whistles during a hot summer Fourth of July parade. It will include serious firemen on a cold Thanksgiving Day house fire.

Carolyn J. Hartz


Civil compromise also benefits 'perps'

To the editor:

I noticed the little "pitch" Bob Moon put in the paper Dec. 8 regarding the civil compromise law.

Suffice it to say, Bob mentioned that it is one of the best laws helping victims. I believe Bob failed to mention how well the law helps the perps as well.

What about the poor schmucks that don't have the funds to buy their way out of a situation, Bob?

Bill Todd

Baker City