Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Senator's tax speech inspires

To the editor:

It seemed like a breath of fresh air on Dec. 10 when Senator Bernie Sanders (independent, of Vermont) spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate for over eight hours in response to the tax-cut deal.His was a wide-ranging speech, covering a great number of economic and political issues affecting our country.

He spoke of the country's growing inequality of wealth, the hardships

now befalling our middle class, the exporting of jobs, the impact of

business lobbies on Congress, how the estate tax affects only the very

wealthy, and much, much more.

I've been hoping that there might be an informed debate about what's

going on in our country.It seems to me that a lot of misinformation

and negative emotion is clouding our understanding and our ability to

help define our path forward.To me, Senator Sanders' speech was both

informative and inspiring.I urge my fellow readers to watch it. A

video of the entire speech is available online at


.(Because he repeats himself, each of the segments contains much of

the content.)

My personal experience with high-performance organizations in the

business world has taught me a clear lesson: we get our best results

when we reach for solutions that meet everyone's needs.This is

certainly different from power politics.And it is far different from

compromise and from stereotypical committee decisions. It makes us

apply our great creativity (and patience) to a problem.The results can

be much better than our individual, pre-conceived ideas.

I believe Sen. Sanders made a wonderful start on that process.Like a

miracle, to me. There aren't simple solutions to the issues he raised.

But he is challenging us to get together right now, figure things out,

and then stand up and speak up.If a 69-year-old Senator can stand and

speak for eight hours, the rest of us can stand up, too.

Marshall McComb

Baker City