Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

A disgrace to our national anthem

To the editor:

I am writing this letter concerning the presentation of our national anthem at this year's Super Bowl. In my opinion it was the most disgraceful singing of our anthem I have ever heard.

First of all this person was all over the place with the notes. Didn't even sound like the anthem.

Second, to leave out almost one line of the lyrics is deplorable. A

person should never be allowed to take liberties by adding notes and

flares to our anthem. In my opinion it was an utter disgrace the way

the anthem was presented Sunday. I think they should have a military

band play the anthem, that way we know it will be done right.

Bob Clegg

Retired music instructor


Don't want to pay for illegals

To the editor:

In response to recent letters by Doug Evans and George Wilder:

George and Joan are my neighbors, and I love them dearly. They have

been so helpful since I lost my husband. But I must agree with Doug.

I remember well when President Roosevelt set up the Social Security for

us. But there is one thing he forgot to do. He forgot to set it up so

that these future sticky-fingered politicians couldn't get into it.

What happened to the billions and billions that the Johnson

administration raided out of it? They were supposed to put that back.

They have not put back a dime of it.

That was supposed to be for our so-called golden years. Now they are

raiding us again. They cut our cost of living raise last year and again

this year. He is standing up there and telling us that the cost of

living has not gone up. Well, every time I go to the grocery store

everything has gone up. Gas has gone up, my heating oil went up from

$2.99 to $3.25 this time.

But all of those illegal aliens can come in here and get whatever they

want. But we can't. My sister went for some heating assistance, but she

couldn't get it. Her Social Security was $4 too much. Now is that fair,

when these foreigners can come here and get all the help they want?

I say send them all back where they sneaked out from and let their own

country take care of them. We need to tighten our borders better, and

if anyone wants to give them a percentage of your hard-earned money,

fine. But leave mine alone. My husband and I worked too hard too many

years to give it away.

Inez Small

Baker City