Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Shared sacrifice could help school levy pass

To the editor:

In response to the Feb. 23 editorial on the school budget shortfall, I am writing to say that I heartily agree that the best option is for everyone to participate in providing the best for the students.It is a difficult time for everyone, but we must all do our part to solve the problem.If all personnel, across the board,will agree to a cut in their compensationpackage, then the tax levy will have a better chance of passing.

Barbara Johnson

Baker City

Celebrating truly special athletes

To the editor:

On Feb. 25-27 I traveled by bus to the Oregon Special Olympics Winter

Games on Mount Bachelor with 15 athletes, five coaches and one care

provider. All the athletes did a super job and each one returned home

with at least one medal.

I want to tell you about one hero athlete in particular. When you hear

her story, you will understand why I volunteer to help these special


This young lady is in her 20s. She has limited vision as well as a

partial paralysis on one side of her body. She is probably our most

physically fragile athlete. She does, however, have the heart of a

lion. This year she pleaded with our head coach to let her try a most

challenging 500-meter cross-country ski race with ups and downs in

terrain. Even though she fell many times, she persisted. Exhausted but

still going, she scooted across the finish line on her bottom. Her

whole team was cheering her on. Her coach was in tears, as were some

onlookers, myself included. She did not win the race but in my eyes she

was a true winner. You should have been there!

I want to thank our community for supporting this athlete and the 30 or

so other special athletes from Baker County who participate in sports

all year round. They swim, bowl, do track and field, or bocce ball.

Thanks to all of you who supported this organization by attending or

supporting our athletes at our taco feed on Feb. 18.

Amy Micka

Treasurer, Baker County Special Olympics

Baker City

Ranchers say thanks to Ferrioli

To the editor:

Today in Oregon the sale of cattle and calves is the number one

commodity in the state. We are proud of our impact on the rural

communities of Oregon. Leaders in the Chamber of Commerce tell us that

the over 700 million in cattle sales translate as many as seven times

in small towns across the state.Because of the intense nature of our

operations and the remoteness of many, we must count on those who

represent us in government and our trade associations to be our

spokesmen, and allow our voices to be heard in the halls of government

and the meeting rooms of agencies and commissions all over the country.

One of the champions of rural interests in Oregon politics is no

stranger to the cattle industry. State Senator Ted Ferrioli in his

political career has always been there to eloquently address and in

many cases defend the interests of remote family ranches in Oregon, who

otherwise might not necessarily be able to so. Recently I was reminded

by the serious illness of a friend of the fragility of our lives, how

much we depend on one another and ultimately how connected we all are.

I was also reminded how infrequently we acknowledge those we count on.

The Oregon Cattlemen's Association would like to publicly thank Senator

Ferrioli for his steadfast dedication to rural issues and the interests

of ranch families across Eastern Oregon. As the 2011 legislative

session progresses we know we can count on his integrity and

intelligence to lead us to the solutions we seek and the fairness we so

desperately need.

Senator Ferrioli, thank you for all your hard work.

Bill Hoyt

President, Oregon Cattlemen's Association

Douglas County

Ferrioli apologizes for e-mail

To the editor:

Recently, out of frustration, I responded to an e-mail from a wolf

advocate who favors forced introduction of wolves into Oregon. I

strongly disagreed, but my comments were angry, rude and widely


What I wrote did not reflect well on Eastern Oregonians and for that I

am truly sorry. I accept the criticism of constituents who tell me the

best thing I can do is acknowledge the error, apologize and move on.

I'll do my best to make sure the discussion is not about whether the discourse is civil, but about the wolves at our door.

Ted Ferrioli

Republican state senator, John Day