Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Some secrets can save lives

To the editor:

Your editorial in the March 28 issue correctly notes that the South Baker armed/despondent subject incident was not successfully resolved "by accident." It is understandable that as a journalist you would like to have all of the information regarding "the tactics that police tried, and how Huff responded to those tactics."

I would ask that you consider the following and temper your thirst for

knowledge regarding the tactics police use in such situations.

Law enforcement in Baker County as well as the counties which send

assistance to us when needed, are very professional.However, they do

not have an endless bag of resources or tactics at their disposal.No

law enforcement agency does.I am a strong advocate of transparency and

full disclosure.However if the tactics police use in such potentially

fatal incidents are widely known and discussed their effectiveness over

time diminishes.The tactics used in South Baker were successful.If a

future armed/despondent subject reads with any specificity what those

tactics are then in a potential future incident his/her safety, the

safety of responders, and the safety of neighbors may well be

jeopardized.Why?Because that prior knowledge of law enforcement

tactics will give such a person a huge advantage.There is a reason why

tactics successfully used to resolve armed conflict both in war and in

police work are best left publicly confidential.

Jerry Boyd

Baker City