Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Liberals need to speak up

To the editor:

I am a liberal.I believe that is not a dirty word.I care about my fellow man and think the government is necessary to provide a huge network of services; police, fire, clean water, clean air and medical insurance for everyone, not just a few.In addition I think the government needs to protect our oceans to keep them clean.I think they need to protect our lands from being defiled.The government is the only thing that has the power to do all that.

That said I want to address my fellow liberals. Thereare a lot of

untruths being spread right now, half fact, half fiction lies about

everything and everybody. I know liberals are generally laid back, kind

of live and let live people. But now is not the time.Thelies being

circulated need to be responded to. Say something, don't just sit there

and listen when you know what is being said is not true or is based on

half truths or comes straight off the Internet. The folks who have not

made up their minds yet about things need to hear a counter argument.

When they hear silence they tend to believe the lies, so say

something.You are not responsible for how your message is received so

don't worry over that. Just say somethingwhen confronted with half

truths, speak up please

Iva Mace

Baker City

Baker comes through for Mayce

To the editor:

WOW! Baker has done it again! For the fourth year in a row the Mayce

Day-Drink Pink scholarship fundraiser was a success! The Baker High

School's very own Bulldog Blender and a crew of amazing volunteers

worked hard to donate all money eared to the J. Mayce Memorial

Scholarship fund. If you ordered a drink from us on Friday April 29,

you enjoyed it, as always, with a hot pink straw because this was

Mayce's favorite color.

This community that we all live in and love always rises to the

occasion when there is a need and because of you there will be another

student who will receive financial assistance to help pursue their


Our hope in continuing the J. Mayce Memorial Scholarship is important

in not only honoring Mayce Collard, but to remind others to pass it on.

This scholarship is only awarded to individuals who personify many of

Mayce's best qualities; a positive attitude, volunteer experience, and

acceptance of others. We feel this is a worthwhile endeavor.

On behalf of the Collard family, The Bulldog Blender crew and volunteers: Thank you, Baker City: You rock!

Amy Powell

Baker City