Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Teacher grateful for support

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone who supported my efforts as I worked to maintain my first grade teaching position. I presented to the school board a packet with 13 letters from colleagues, peers and parents who shared their views of why I should stay in this type of classroom.

I appreciated all who supported me professionally as well as the many

friends who gave me encouragement throughout the last six months of

working through this challenging process.

Patty Bogart

Baker City

Another take on single-payer

To the editor:

After reading Mr. Sundin's June 8 letter, I'm wondering where he is getting his information.

I did some research online and on the paperwork I hold from the Mad as

Hell Doctors and Public Citizen.The latter is a non-profit,

non-partisan group which has been looking out for the rights ofU.S.

citizens for the past 40 years.

Mr. Sundin writes that thegovernments with single-payer systems are

rationing health care.Wrong.Myhealth insurance company rations my

health care by telling me what they will pay for.120Americans die

everyday because they have no health care.Zero people die in Canada

due to lack of health insurance.

With single payer insurance for all, we each get a card which allows us

to go to any doctor or hospital in the U.S.Doctors are not employees

of the government. Hospitals remain in private hands. Youwill get a

free choice ofdoctor and hospital. The doctor can make the choice of

how to treat you based on what he and you decide, not what your

insurance will cover as is done now. Single payer is the only health

care system which will save enough money to cover everyone. By

eliminating the health insurance industry, we will save $350 billion a

year in administrative costs and profits. With that money we can cover

those who lack insurance now and fully cover those under insured. You

can bet the insurance companies are putting out all kinds of faulty

information in the name of"news" to scare the American public.

The drug industry is fighting for billions in profits.With single

payer, the payer would wield clout and the cost of medicines would

drop.An enlightened single payer would result in a sharp increase in

public health funding. No more bills, no more deductibles and no more

co-pays.Costs to the family would remain about the same or slightly

lower because more people would be paying into the pot.

By the way, the Premier of Newfoundland did not go to Boston for medical care. He went to watch a ballgame.

Iva Mace

Baker City

Kids need a wild place to play

To the editor:

I would like toshare a personalresponse to the front page story's

concern over the Boys Jungle near the river.Thank goodness the kids

have a little bit of a wild spot to turn to right in the heart of

town.I think kids need a wild zone like this. Too bad it isn't

considered a haven.

Kids set up risk-laden bike jumps in their own yards, neighborhoods and

where they can, not just this lot.The pit sounds like an unsafe enough

condition that needs filling up, maybe topped with a young fruit tree

or edible berry bush would be a plus.

No Trespass signs, it seems to me,only make it unlawful, does not completely deter.

I have heard more stories than I can count from oldsters who did crazy

things when they were kids and survived. They generally end their tale

by talking about the lessons of improved judgment that came about, and

how sad they are forkids today.

I grew up on the east coast in a very modest suburban neighborhood of

the 1950s. Our favorite hang-out? The mucky woods on the other side of

the fence where there were frogs, no cars, no parents, and no school

rules. We were just ourselves in a small patch of a natural world.

I'd like to point out that, principally,underage alcohol-drinking

occurs becausean adult hasprovided it - either by someone who buys it

for them and is seriously breaking the law, or by a parent/guardian who

has alcohol in the home and doesn't keep track or doesn't care.

Linda Bergeron