Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Gates good enough at train crossings

To the editor:

I have to agree with Larry Smith's letter in the Baker City Herald, "Horn Happy Trains Make Me Mad." I know the engineers are just doing their job, but some are a little ridiculous!

We live just a block from the railroad tracks and yes, like Mr. Smith, this time of year we have our windows open. It's a little ridiculous that these engineers are pulling on that horn before they approach Baker City and not letting go until they are out of Baker City.

I think we need a petition passed as I hear Pendleton has a

horn-free town. No train horn can sound through the town of Pendleton.

That's what Baker City needs, peace and quiet day and night. It makes

it hard to sleep at night and hear the TV during the day. We have

gate-operated crossings, which should be enough.

Artie and Jen Hull

Baker City

Baker City: Earplugs needed

To the editor:

I was visiting friends and relatives in Baker City Aug. 2-4. One thing

I noticed was the regular sound of train whistles. Then in the Aug. 3

Baker City Herald I read a letter to the editor from Mr. Larry Smith. I

must say, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Smith. Train whistles are

irritating and excessive in Baker City. In fact, at 1 a.m. on Aug. 3 as

I lay in bed enjoying the fresh cool air of Baker City, the silence of

the night was interrupted with 23 train whistles as a train passed

through the city limits of Baker City.

The heading on the Baker City website states: "The Premier Rural Living Experience in the Pacific Northwest."

Perhaps Baker City you want want to add, "Bring Your Earplugs."

Michael Donovan