Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Sports is full, but news lacking

To the editor:

I couldn't help but notice today's newspaper was sadly lacking in the news department, but not in the sports department. Today's paper, Monday Sept. 5, 2011, has two sections to it. Section A consisting of 12 pages including the classifieds, and funnies has three articles with reporters bylines. One by Terri Harber, and two by Lisa Britton. Section B, the sports section, consist of 10 pages with 15 bylines all by Gerry Steele. Now as I see it I count 18 total by-lines and Gerry is responsible for 15 of them.

Does anyone else work besides Gerry? I hope he is the highest paid employee at the paper, because it is obvious newsreporters other than sports don't contributetheir fair shareto the body of the paper. I recently read your parent company filed for Chapter 11, well you certainly can't blame Gerry for it.

Bill Ward

Baker City